Feature Film / Short Film

A string of grizzly murders shocks a sleepy suburban town when it turns out that the murders are being executed by a teenage girl, Raven, and a dark cult at the behest of their shepherd, Blackstone. Nearly a year later, Raven is still in custody and refuses to give up the now infamous, Blackstone. After the kidnapping of a local girl, the FBI allows a floundering writer, Caleb Raine, to interview the troubled girl with the hopes of shaking loose some information. Caleb soon finds out that he is in way over his head and that there is much more to Raven and the mysterious Blackstone.
Photo Gallery: View behind the scenes photos from the Blackstone shoot here.

Status (short):   Complete
Status (feature):   Script

Speak Now

Feature Film

A group of high school friends reconnect at their mutual friends’ wedding, which spirals downhill from the moment we hear "I do". Secrets are loosed, relationships are sparked, and chaos becomes inevitable.

Photo Gallery: View behind the scenes photos from the Speak Now shoot here.

Status:   Complete


Feature Film

A talented yet unmotivated stoner named DANNY is stuck in an insurance job he hates, with a girlfriend who takes advantage of him, and a 40-year-old neighbor named ZACH who won't stop pranking him. When Zach inadvertently gets Danny fired on April 20th, he promises to make things right - Zach takes him to his shaman, who offers him "magical weed" with the power to improve Danny's life. But when Danny wakes up the next day to see that it's still 4/20 (and the next, and the next, and the next...), he realizes improving his life might actually take some work.

Stuck in an endless loop of repeating days, Danny is forced to deal with the aspects of his life he's long ignored. Along the way, he falls for a beautiful young client of his named AUDREY, whom he otherwise never would've met, and discovers a fateful secret about her that only he can remedy. Armed with the power to live the perfect day, a bag of magic drugs, and surrounded by a group of people with a hazy grip on reality, Danny embarks on a journey to fix his life and save the woman he loves.

Status:   Script

Rules for Living Undergound

Feature Film

Based on the award-winning graphic novel Pitch Black, Rules For Living Underground is a chronicle of the life of Tony Horton - given up at birth, abandoned by foster parents, and forced into shelters. After running away and finding solace in the subway tunnels beneath New York City, Tony's new life underground inspired him to tap into his artistic self. As he developed into an accomplished painter, writer, actor, musician, and poet, he constantly struggled with the expectations of his friends and colleagues that he felt he could not achieve. A disparate, semi-animated, and incredible true story of a man's endless potential, and the trials he overcame to leave his mark on the world.

Status:   Development


TV Show – 1 hour drama

"Don’t judge until you've walked a mile in someone else’s shoes" and then you better start judging. Catalyst is the story of how two "normal" cousins, Jax (a decorated war hero) and Pete (an elementary P.E. Teacher), end up on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list (the Season 1 cliffhanger). Watch as the seemingly typical checks and balances of their lives see-saw their way to a life we'd never expect.

Status:   Script / Season Outline

Gun Hill Road

Feature Film

The story of the 1970's Billboard top 40 band, Gun Hill Road, how they came to be, and how the band quickly dissolved until their reunion show 40 years later, bringing them back together for one final show.

Status:   Development